Jul 1st 2012

Advantages of essay writing in schools

Although essay writing might not directly reflect your performance in school, there are many reasons as to why many schools have taken into implementing and adopting the same. Essay writing has many advantages in the student’s mind, which is part of the learning lessons too. According to Elliston, who graduated after a health and social care studies, she reveals that although the whole essay writing process was tiresome, she endured through it and made it in the end. Writing up the essays helped her into being responsible and depending on what she believed in her inner self to handle the same. Essay writing helps students in being able to take matters in their hands, and being creative enough to handle some situations indirectly related to them, and getting solutions for the same.

Many students who have been in through the whole essay wring process admit that, although starting over was a big task for them. They attribute the whole essay writing process to their success, has it acted as a mentor to them, making them more resourceful and reliant to themselves. The fact that one has to research materials for him or herself makes the whole education process fun. With all this in mind, students get to be responsible with their studies, hence acting like a rejuvenating force to creating more time to study and get to rich research materials, Margi recalls. Academic writing helps most students into getting into the analytical arena where they have to analyze what they will write in their essays, and with critical thinking, they get to know how to organize their work well.

According to a research carried out by Kate brooks on essay writing in schools, she says that, although many people do oppose the whole thing in essay writing, her results and finding confirm that it takes more that writing to come up with a perfect essay. Essay writing involves one being creative enough, to handle the topic at hand, and being able to monitor what is at stake, while taking each process at its time. This helps the students in identifying and knowing how to handle matters in their lives, and handle them in the right way. Essays in schools helps prepare these students for the same, hence a good thing, away from the actual life.

With the technology bringing in more reliability in terms of research materials, it is very possible for these students to assess information via the internet, hence be able to come up with viable information for their essays. This also makes the students realize what is in for them and what to do in case they need more information about a topic they did not understand in school. It diversifies the sources of knowledge that these students can access, hence making them to be more self-reliant and diversify in their endeavors. Essay writing has more to take in the whole academic life, as it helps sharpen the students mind, and thinking, hence preparing them for what is ahead of them. This is the reason why it was not introduced in the junior high, but introduced to persons who can reason well and handle matters at their own hands.

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